Yana's profile

Birth Date
11/24/1987 (Sagittarius)
5' 10" (178 cm)
105 lbs (48 kg)
Eye Color
Hair Color
Russian Orthodox
Marital Status
Never married
Speaking Skills*
Other languages
Odessa, Ukraine
* The level of English
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Her Type of Man

I am a person from that small amount of people who thinks that kindness can be a nice key to everyone’s heart… I just want my heart to be opened with such a key but of course I do hope that you will also add there a lot of that brilliant respect, lacy tenderness and deep love. I just want my heart to be drowned in all the magic of life lasting relationships which will shine with all the beauty of those pearl feelings. As a family oriented person I do hope that he will value all the family traditions and a family spirit as I am going to create the best family in the world!))))


Actually I think that everything should be in a harmony and that is why I can tell you that I am a well balanced person who always lives in a harmony with my soul and heart. I am a very active and sociable person and that is why I also can add that I am a positive person who is sure that all deeds and thoughts should have their own reasons. Well as every young person I think you should know that I am a life loving young lady and that is why I value every minute of that! Of course smiles and good emotions mean a lot for me! Maybe that is why I am trying to feel my everyday life with all the events which can give that really desired charge of impressions. Also I’m a person who always values all the opinions and thoughts and of course my heart is also filled with all the care and sincere feelings… Do you want to share all that with me?))) I would be glad to have a chance to share all my dreams and romance with that only one who maybe now is reading my profile!))) Just a dream!


I think that every person should know what things can give him or her some inspiration. Of course I have a great desire to tell that that inspiration is given to me with a help of all the stars of my only one’s dreams, his tender velvet hugs and his mellow voice, but… So maybe that is why I reach that with a help of my interests and of course they are really many sided and I truly hope that you will find something interesting for you!))) I am interested in dancing and fashion and despite that I know that those interests are women’s ones I still have a hope that you will share my interest in music and cinema… Do I have such an opportunity?))) That would be really amazing! Anyway my firm opinion that two people can find a lot of in common if of course they have felt that attraction or something like that… What do you think?